2/28/07: Midweek Look at the Business Blogs

There are two great things about reading blogs.  First of all, you usually get a real point of view.  There's not even any pretend objectivity.  Second, when comments are posted you can see how others react to that point of view and maybe even put your own two cents in.

Here are some blog posts that caught my attention at mid-week. There are posts about job satisfaction trends, team building, how to read a business book, customer experience, and keeping up.

From Management-Issues: Job satisfaction keeps falling
"Americans are growing increasingly unhappy with their jobs and the problem is getting worse, with the newest entrants to the workforce the most disillusioned and disengaged they have ever been"

From Guerilla HR: The secret sauce of building your team - part 1
"Having a successful team starts with finding the right people. The problem is that most organizations don’t get this process right – and they pay dearly in terms of turnover and the lost productivity that comes from this sort of misguided “ready, FIRE, aim” approach. This is a big dilemma, and we are going to solve it - Guerilla-style"

From BizBookTalk: How to Read a Business Book
This posting provides commentary on how to read a business book and links to other resources on the topic.

From Good Experience:  Customer service is not customer experience
"Customer service is not the same as customer experience. Customer service is the job of front-line workers, servicing customer requests for help - via an 800 number, e-mail, or a retail desk. It's important to invest in good customer service, but that's just the tiniest sliver of the customer experience. Customer experience is the job of everyone in the company."

From David Maister: What Am I Supposed to Know about?
How much should we really work to keep up with current events and topics?  When is it faking it?

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