2/4/09: Carnival of Human Resources

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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, flora and fauna! Step right up and enter the February 4, 2009 edition of the Carnival of Human resources. Like all the travelling carnivals we have several sections of blog posts that will shock, amaze, educate and entertain you.

Thank you for your ticket, sir and madam. Before you head into the carnival itself, check out the gentleman over there who is wearing the motley.

He will entertain you and make you laugh, but you will come away with wisdom, my friend. Wayne Turmel offers you contemporary commentary with a smile with his post on "Obama's Crackberry."

I know you're an adventuresome soul. You love excitement and we have it here. Just visit the exciting Recession Rides, where the masters of HR post on the most important issue of the day.

The Productivity Blog wants to know: "Can you tighten the belt and loosen the purse strings?" The Taleo Blog offers Point/Counterpoint on whether you should focus on cash or focus on people. And Scott McArthur thinks that 2009 just might be the year of the four-day week.

Not to be outdone, HR Observations asks "Does Recession Equal Performance?" Compensation Force wonders: "Recession-Driven Sense of Shared Destiny: Are We Missing an Opportunity?" And Maximize Possibility wants to know "Is Human Bias Helping You to Lay Off the Wrong Employee Talent?"

Deb Own thinks we should just take a breath. She notes that "It’s a Recession. We Always Do This In A Recession." And, while everyone else is down on the recession, Anna Farmery takes a contrarian view with "5 Reasons Why I love recessions!"

Those Recession Rides will thrill you, but our Popular Affairs Tent highlights the question of the day. Gautam Ghosh suggests that "Deliberate Practice makes an Expert." But half a world and ten and a half hours away, Wally Bock (that would be me) suggests that we should be "Getting Real about Deliberate Practice and Leadership Development."

You can't just wander around the Carnival without nourishment. Our Intellectual Food Vendors offer you posts that will feed your head, without using a single controlled substance. Here's the menu.

Quantum Physics for Leaders & Dummies by John Agno

HR and Finance: A Vital Relationship by Lisa at HR Thoughts

Learning about Learning: An Interview with Joshua Waitzkin from SharpBrains

Beckhard's Change Equation by Dan McCarthy

Making a Difference with Differences by Steve Roesler

Ledbetter now Law: Employers must Focus on Compliance by Michael Moore (no …)

7 Rules for Effective Relationship Blogging from IRE

Check out our Games of Skill. Nina Simosko tells us "What Leaders Can Learn from Chesley Sullenberger." And HR Bartender notes that "Some Things Never Change."

Don't leave until try your luck on our Games of Chance. The anonymous Eclecticity tells accents the positive with "Our New Boss - The First 85 Days." And Rowan Manahan warns us about "5 ways to ensure you NEVER get promoted."

Stop by to see Jon Ingham and read, "Making my own investments in HCM." When this carnival picks up stakes it will head over to Jon's Strategic HCM Blog. That's where the carnival will pitch its tents on February 18, 2009.

I hope you had a great time.


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