Boss's Tip of the Day: Give the gift of attention

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If you're a boss, you know that every day is a challenge to do better. This tip is based on the same research I used to develop my programs and the Working Supervisor's Support Kit .

Give the gift of attention.

We spend a lot of our days staring at screens--computer screens, phone screens, TV screens--dividing our attention between the screen and the people around us. That says: "You're not important enough for my full attention" to others. Here's a better idea.

When someone approaches you, acknowledge them ("Hi, give me a moment"). Then save the file or whatever you need to do so you don't worry. Turn toward the person and tell them you're ready to talk ("OK, now I'm all yours"). Concentrate on the person and your conversation. And don't sneak any peeks at the screen.

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  • 8/21/2011 3:52 PM Susan wrote:
    Excellent point. People have to re-learn that paying attention to other people won't take up their whole day. They can afford to glance away from their computer screens for the few minutes it will take to clarify a point or listen to some comments.
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    1. 8/22/2011 8:24 AM Wally Bock wrote:

      Thanks, Susan. The people really are the important part.

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