13 Sets of Predictions for 2013

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Every year the pundits lie up and predict what will happen in the year ahead. Here's a selection of thirteen sets of predictions for the year 2013. There are predictions for the whole world, for a single company, and for a lot in between. Enjoy the predictions and make 2013 a great year.

From Patrick May at the Mercury News: Predictable start to season of predictions
"Here's a prediction for 2013 you can take to the bank: This time next year, the world will be awash in predictions for 2014."

From the Futurist Magazine: Top 10 Forecasts for 2013 and Beyond
"Each year since 1985, the editors of THE FUTURIST have selected the most thought-provoking ideas and forecasts appearing in the magazine to go into our annual Outlook report. Over the years, Outlook has spotlighted the emergence of such epochal developments as the Internet, virtual reality, the 2008 financial crisis and the end of the Cold War. But these forecasts are meant as conversation starters, not absolute predictions about the future. We hope that this report--covering developments in business and economics, demography, energy, the environment, health and medicine, resources, society and values, and technology--inspires you to tackle the challenges, and seize the opportunities, of the coming decade"

From Deloitte: 2013 industry outlook
"Our industry leaders discuss trends to watch and strategies to consider as you prepare for the year ahead."

From  Teresa Hopke at TLNT: Real Estate Trumps HR, BYOD, and Other Trends You’ll See in 2013
These days we’re bombarded with information and statistics of all types.It’s hard to know which ones to pay attention to and which ones really are indicators of some much bigger thing that’s going on. We’ve picked out the ones we think are going to influence workplaces in the coming year."

From Dan Burrus: 20 Game-Changing Technology Trends That Will Create Both Disruption and Opportunity on a Global Level
"Over the next five short years the following game-changing technologies will transform how we sell, market, communicate, collaborate, educate, train, innovate, and much more. 

From John Hollon at TLNT: Are These the Top 10 Talent Management Trends for 2013?
"It’s that time of year for resolutions, predictions, and reflections back on all that has happened during this past year. Of all of these, it is the New Year’s predictions that are both the most interesting AND the most difficult to get your hands around. After all, who has a crystal ball that works well enough to help us get a good fix on the future, anyway?"

From Mike Haberman: HR Predictions for 2013
"In January of 2012 I wrote a post called A Look Ahead: Predictions for 2012 (Snappy title huh?) Well it turns out I was pretty correct. It also turns out that 2013 will most likely be more of the same. So here are my HR predictions for 2013."

From Dan Schawbel: The Top 10 Workplace Trends for 2013
"I bring you my top ten workplace trends for 2013. I’ll be covering these in all of my materials next year too. These are trends that I’ve been paying close attention to this year and there are some strong indicators they will come to fruition next year."

From Michael Schrage: Four Innovation Trends to Watch in 2013
"So here are four innovation ideas — themes, really — sure to gain significantly greater mind- and market-share over the coming year. What do they all have in common? Individual empowerment."

From Jonathan Salem Baskin at Forbes: Why 2013 Will Look Like 1613, And What It Means For Marketing
"Unrestrained commerce. Soapboxes for every possible voice. Loud, endless arguments. False identities. Hidden agendas. Regulators chasing the latest innovation. People thrown together in explosively novel, sometimes threatening ways, in a place where the rules of normal society don’t seem to apply."

From Innovation Excellence: Innovation Excellence | 21 Innovators on What We’ll Be Doing in 2013
"What will innovators be doing in 2013? When we asked a sampling of our authors/bloggers/community members, inspiration for the New Year tumbled forth! Thank you for big picture predictions, personal proclamations and some gorgeous wishes. If even 50% of these come true it will make for a great new year."

From Donna Tam at cNet: Amazon: Five predictions for 2013
"Amazon, the e-commerce juggernaut, will likely keep steamrolling every category it can possibly deem relevant to its business strategy. These are my top five predictions for next year."

From Rajesh Setty: Metrics That Matter Most 2013
"I created this checklist a couple of years ago and it has served me well. No changes on the checklist except the dates. Please feel free to download, modify, re-use or share. We are obsessed about measuring everything. We want to know the number o connections, number of followers, number of pageviews, number of minutes someone spends on our website, number of clickthroughs, number of times the shopping cart was abandoned, number of repeat visitors, number of new visitors.. and the list goes on."

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